How To Avoid Buying a Fake Riflescope

Probably the best way to avoid buying a fake riflescope is to buy from licensed distributors and registered gun shops in your area. If you don’t know where to find one, consult a local recreational shooting club or the Internet. Most major manufacturers have their own websites where they have a list of licensed distributors. If you can’t find one near you, you can also consider buying through the Internet. If you have questions about on-line providers, go to the manufacturer’s website to make sure which on-line retail sites are authorized dealers.

Your research should also include the appearance of your riflescope. Manufacturers put up images of their products in different views to give you an idea what the product looks overall. That way, even if you’re not sure they’re a licensed distributor, you’ll be able to tell whether their products are authentic. Knowing how the real thing looks like will help you know how a fake one will.

One way to do this is to know the manufacturer logos and where they are located on the product. If they are missing or do not match, you’re holding a fake. Although most shops have return policies, it is always best not to purchase it if you haven’t inspected it yourself. If you’re buying online, you won’t be able to check in  visit –  advance. If this is your only option, it would be best to buy directly from the manufacturer.

Okay, so your riflescope looks right. It has the manufacturer’s logo and all the other identifying marks. Surely you can buy it now, right? Not just yet. Wait until you’ve been provided with a warranty certificate. A warranty certificate ensures that the shop will cover repair costs or replace it if it breaks or malfunctions.

Lastly, is the price right? One major sign that a riflescope, or any product for that matter, is a fake is when it is drastically cheaper than the real thing. Compare prices. While some might be cheaper than others, they should still fall within a range. If you think saving a few dollars is a big advantage, think again. Fake riflescopes may be cheap, but they aren’t built in the same way as real riflescopes are. It may last you a couple of uses but they will give out eventually. Real riflescopes don’t only afford you the quality that you need and deserve but they also ensure that you’ll be enjoying that quality for a long time.

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